Was bedeutet?

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2014 Effect evaluation of two types of dementia-specific case conferences rein German nursing homes (FallDem) using a stepped-wedge design: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

2016 Knowledge evaluation hinein dementia care networks: a mixed-methods analysis of knowledge evaluation strategies and the success of informing family caregivers about dementia support services.

2015 Kotihoidon ja hiljattain ympärivuorokautiseen hoitoon siirtyneiden suomalaisten muistipotilaiden terveys- ja elämäntilanne.

2015 Improving the Zusammenstellung bekannter melodien of institutional and community care for older people with dementia: an application of the balance of care approach in eight European countries.

2017 Hemotherapy algorithm for the management of trauma-induced coagulopathy: the German and European perspective

2012 Community-dwelling persons with dementia: what do they need? What do they demand? What do they do? A systematic review on the subjective experiences of persons with dementia.

2016 Interaction of a standardized mistletoe (Viscum album) preparation with antitumor effects of Trastuzumab hinein vitro.

Wirklich ist dies bei Mammographien bisher aber nur äußerst selten vorgekommen. Ein geringes Restrisiko kann man allerdings nicht nicht erlauben: Ergebnisse aus systematischen Untersuchungen fehlen bisher.

Facial Plastic Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery is an indexed journal that publishes topic-specific issues covering areas imp source of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery as it relates to the head, neck, and face.

2016 Erratum to: 'Early prediction of acute kidney injury after transapical and transaortic aortic valve implantation with urinary G1 cell cycle arrest biomarkers'

From coercion to cohesion: Treating drug dependence through health care, not punishment. Discussion paper based on a scientific workshop

InSpine InSpine - from AOSpine International - is a global publication aimed at the whole spine community, which differs radically from traditional medical publications.

2016 Individualized formulation-ledinterventions for analyzing and managing challenging behavior of people with dementia - an integrative content Bericht.

2017 Social health and Dementia: A look here European consensus on the operationalisation of the concept and directions for research and practice.

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